What do we do in Math? When we walk into math class there are instructions on the board. Usually the board says to do Test Trainer and take out our homework. After about 10 minutes we go over our homework. After we go over our homework Ms. Pollard tells us what we are doing today. Then we will usually do some type of math sheet and go over it as a class. At the end of class, Ms. Pollard will hand out and explain what we have to do for homework. This is what my math class is like.

One project that I really enjoyed that we did in math class is the budget project. For the budget project, we had to pick a career then create a budget for how much money we would spend on health insurance, car insurance, eye insurance, teeth insurance, food, gas, Wi-Fi, electricity, car, college and much more. This was my favorite project. This was my favorite project because you can be very creative with the budget. My career I chose is a Software Developer. Overall, this was a very fun project! 

My Planet


Hi, I am Ryan, the creator of Planet Z in the Milky Way Galaxy. How was Planet Z created?  Around 6 billion years ago two dimensions of earth collided and this collision formed what we now call Planet Z. On Planet Z the water is purple, the sky is full of floating rocks and the ground is full of many different types of plants and animals. Planet Z is also not round like Earth, Planet Z is an endless rectangle. Planet Z looks very different from Earth.

Planet Z has a very interesting and unique government. The way Planet Z’s government works is there are many islands and each island has a different type of government. Some of the different governments are theocracy, anarchy, direct democracy, representative democracy, monarchy or you can create your own island and government. This is how the government works on Planet Z.

Long ago when the two dimensions collided a new resource was created. Even though the two dimensions collided in 5029 this new material was discovered in 7345. The reason this material was not discovered for so long was because it was very deep inside Planet Z and we did not have anything that could get to it without melting. This new resource is able to be created into anything you can think of. This material is called infinitiom.

One of the things that was created with this new resource was a never ending shield that goes around the planet. The shield does not keep people in or out. Instead if you are in the shield you will not be able to get any type of cold or disease. Another thing that was created was a cup that can never run out of whatever drink you chose to put in it. For example if you get one of these cups and put root beer in it you could drink the soda forever without it running out. These are some of the things made with this new material.

There are tons of different animals on Planet Z. My favorite animal on Planet Z is a Yolaq. The Yolaq looks like a bunny but with the mouth of a platypus. This animal is very intelligent and can understand any language. Yolaqs are also very kind, loyal, helpful, trustworthy and cheerful. This is my favorite animal on Planet Z but there are many more animals on Planet Z other than the Yolaq.

Planet Z has many different plants. Each plant can do different things. Some of the plants can launch you up into the sky! There are also plants that can make you run faster if you are on them. The plants can be many different sizes, some of the plants on Planet Z are 100 feet long and wide! My favorite plant will let you fly if you are holding it. There are many cool plants on Planet Z. This is what it would be like if you lived on Planet Z.

Field Trip



On January 27 I went on a field trip with my school to the Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh. The first thing we did when we got to school was go to a room and listen to some of my teachers talk about what we are going to see at the  museum. After that we got on the bus, when we finally arrived I was amazed by how big the museum was. When we stepped inside the museum there were big bones and sculptures. Almost instantly my brain filled up with questions and thoughts. We walked around the museum for a while and then we all got really hungry so we left the museum and ate lunch. After we ate lunch we walked around the museum for a little longer then got back on the bus.

Some of the things I saw while I was at the museum were bones, woods, stones, animals and a race exhibit. My favorite part of the whole entire museum was the part with all of the whale bones on the ceiling. This was my favorite part of the museum because it was really cool to see how big the bones of a whale are. The bones were huge! My least favorite part of the museum was getting on the bus to leave. This was my least favorite part because I was still so curious about all of the other things in the museum. This is what I did while at the Museum of Natural Science.

Window or Mirror

I am reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Ready Player One is about a virtual reality world called the Oasis and there is a contest going on. The winner of the contest will be the new owner of the Oasis. This contest is causing a group of people called the 101 to do everything they can to win the contest so when they take over the Oasis they can charge a monthly fee. However another group of people called gunters do not want this to happen so everyone is trying to win the contest.

What is a window and a mirror? A window is when you can not relate to the book but  a mirror is when you can relate to the book. This book is more of a window for me because I do not spend almost all of my life in virtual reality. Another reason this is more of a window for me is because the main character never wants to go outside, talk to anyone or even look at anyone and I love to be outside and in nature. These are the reasons why Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is more of a window for me.

Wisdom Tales

This is a picture of John and me presenting our project that we did for Language Arts class. The project was based on these short stories from a book called Wisdom Tales. My partner John and I decided to make a Scratch project. The wisdom tale we chose was The Wooden Bowl. This story is about a old man who moves onto his sons farm the old man was a hard worker and helped as much as he could around the farm. However, soon his back started to hurt and he was becoming weaker and weaker. One day the old man, his son and his son’s wife were eating dinner and the old man dropped his bowl so the wife went to the barn and got a wooden bowl so he could not break it. One day the wife and husband saw the kid in the barn and asked what are you doing and the kid said that he is making a wooden bowl for when they grow up. From that day on they treated the old man much better. The moral of the story was that you should treat others how you want to be treated.

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Baseball is one of my favorite sports. I enjoy baseball because of all of the decisions you have to make while you are playing. For example, if there is a runner on first and you are the second baseman there is 1 out and a fast grounder is hit to you, should you throw it to second or first? The answer is second because that is the lead runner. Another example of when you have to make big decisions is when you are pitching because your job as a pitcher is to get the batter confused so you have to decide what pitch to throw and where to throw it in the strike zone. That is why baseball is my favorite sport.

What is my favorite baseball team? My all time favorite team is the Phillies. I like the Phillies because both of my parents were born in New Jersey so they are both Philadelphia fans and now I am too. Another reason I like the Phillies is because of there mascot, there mascots name is the Philly fanatic. I like the Philly fanatic because he is really funny and shoots hot dogs at the fans. These are the reasons I like the Phillies


Camp Hanes

One Thursday the entire 6th grade went to Camp Hanes and had a great time. On the bus ride there I got to watch a movie and have fun with my friends. When I got to the camp I was amazed by the view. All of the things there looked like so much fun. After we got out of the bus we got assigned our cabins. Once we got all of our belongings set up we went to lunch. 

After our delicious lunch we got to go and do activities. The first activity that my group did was canoeing. It was so fun! Right after canoeing we went to archery. When we got to the archery range we went through a short demonstration on how to use the bow. I got to shoot four times and while we were waiting we got to play Gaga ball! The next activity was my favorite one, rock climbing! Right as we saw the climbing wall I knew this would be my absolute favorite one. However it was not just a climbing wall because it had a sky hammock! The final activity was team building. In team building we did many activities and challenges. Overall the first day was tons of fun!

The next day we woke up and started to pack. Then we went to breakfast. It was my favorite meal. After we had breakfast we went to the Baker Center and played really fun games. When the bus arrived we put our bags in the bus and enjoyed the relaxing bus ride back. We all had loads of fun at Camp Hanes!

My Backpack

In the book Finding Someplace by  Denise Lewis Patrick there was a hurricane and  Reesie had to pack a backpack to survive on. If I were in Reesie’s situation I would try to pack only the things I 100 percent need to bring because the backpack is only so big. Some things that Reesie brought were water, food and her parent’s important papers. I have to be smart about what you bring if you want to be able to live off a single backpack. These are some of the things that I would bring if I was in Reesie’s situation. 

The first thing I would bring would be food. Some types of food I would bring would be protein bars because they have plenty of protein to keep me going. Another type of food I would bring would be fruit like apples because they give me some natural sugar. The final type of food I would bring would be some Uncrustables because they have protein and are a starch. This is the type of food I would bring if I had to back a backback during a hurricane.

Another thing I would bring is a first aid kit. I would bring a first aid kit because if someone got hurt, I will have the proper supplies to treat them. Some things that I would bring in a first aid kit would be band aids, Neosporin, gauze tape, flashlight, emergency blanket, paper tape and scissors. With these supplies I would be able to treat someone if they were to get injured.

The final supplies I would bring would be some of the most important things to bring. I would bring my passport and all of my other very important papers like my birth certificate. Another thing I would bring would be a weather radio to listen in to what is happening. One of the top priority things I would bring would be an iPhone and a charger because if I were to get separated from my family I could call them to ask where they are. The final and the most important thing I would bring would be water because I need water to survive.

Overall, I have to be very smart about what you bring but I think if I were in a hurricane like Reesie this backpack would keep me alive. These are all of the things that I would put in my backpack if I were in the middle of a hurricane.